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Baptiste Power Yoga Austin

About Us

We're excited to practice with you! Please read our Studio Policies page before registering.

***Pre-registration for all classes is required (no walk-ins)

***Intro $60 First Month Unlimited available to new students (Must be purchased for your first class with us; activates on your first visit to the studio, and is valid for 30 consecutive days)

***Gift Cards in any amount are available for purchase! Please email/message us for more info.

Baptiste Power Yoga Austin

Baptiste Power Yoga Austin has been in the Austin yoga community since 2001! Transitioned in 2018 from Austin's beloved studio, Bodhi Yoga, our mission at BPYA is to offer the benefits of yoga to all-level yogis (beginners too!) by cultivating a powerful, loving, and transformative community. We use far-Infrared heat heat, and offer Power Vinyasa classes, teacher trainings, and workshops - as well as shower facilities in both bathrooms.


We empower people, and we cannot wait to see you in class!

Anna's Story

Anna began practicing yoga in 1998, at the age of 15. She is known for teaching a strong, accessible practice and empowers her students through her message. Her 1st teacher training was in 2001, the same year Bodhi Yoga opened. She has trained with many top yoga teachers but her favorite teacher and mentor is Baron Baptiste. Her first Baptiste Yoga training was in 2005.


The biggest impact on Anna's life has been seeing what yoga does for people.  Additionally, it has not only transformed her life but she has seen first-hand how this practice transforms the lives of her students. She initially started her yoga practice to lose weight, but she quickly discovered that yoga was much more than getting the aesthetics right and more about getting the inside right. The mental, physical, energetic and emotional benefits of yoga are what she finds so magical. Anna discovered that when she got healthy on the inside, health on her outside magically appeared.

Baptiste Yoga has always spoken to Anna's heart, and it's what she shares in her teaching, and also what she shares in her life off the mat. It has changed how she chooses to show up in the world each day, and it also provides her the tools that help her forge and strengthen relationships with others. 


This practice helps her come from a less reactive, and much more intelligent place. Anna knows that Baptiste Yoga helps to provide her with the perspective that when she stays in the present moment, she will not get wrapped up in the past or the future. It is an opportunity for her to get out of her head, and instead get into her physical body.


This new perspective becomes available just by turning upside down, inside out, and twisting out "the trash". Taking out the trash is vital, and rinsing out her entire being provides her an opportunity to completely detox herself - from the inside out.  


Baptiste Yoga has taught her perseverance, acceptance, dedication, and also determination. It has provided her the tools for her to drop old limited belief patterns, and instead open up to a whole new world of possibility. There is something about this practice that when the heat is turned up, and the fire becomes hot, things of intrinsic value are shaped, molded and transformed.

No matter what is going on her life, or what kind of day she has had, she knows that she can come to her mat, do the work, and walk out with new vision; clear vision. Through Baptiste Yoga, she has learned that peace is not dependent on challenging yoga poses, people, circumstances or situations True peace is a choice, and it radiates from the inside out. 


The impact that Baptiste Yoga has had on Anna’s health is a blessing, as it provides her the tools to move through stuck emotional energy, and leaves her feeling restored and renewed. She also knows and belives that Baptiste Yoga continues to add many healthy years to her life. 


Anna loves sharing the health and wellness of Baptiste Yoga with others, including kids, and her entire family as well.

This practice has also brought her deeper into her faith and walk with God, and Anna believes the Baptiste Methodology to be immeasurable.

Anna is a Certified Baptiste Instructor


Become a


$130 Monthly Auto-Pay


*Unlimited In-studio & Virtual Classes!

*3 month initial commitment

*Bring 1 guest for free each month

*10% off BPYA apparel

*20% off workshops

Teacher/Senior (65+)/Active Military/Student:


$110 Monthly Auto-Pay

**All Auto-Pay Memberships incur a one-time $30 set-up fee**



Contact Us

Baptiste Power Yoga Austin

2951 Ranch Rd 620 S #205, Austin, TX 78738

(behind the Grove)


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